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Jarrod Heil

10 Flood Safety Tips for How to Prepare and Make It Through

When people think of natural disasters, usually what comes to mind are hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires. People don’t often think of floods.

But since floods are the most common natural disaster to hit the United States year after year — they’re caused by hurricanes, rising storm surge, heavy rains and even thawing snow.

So why is that some people often don’t take floods seriously?

Since flooding causes more damage and destruction than any other severe-weather event, it’s time to start taking them more seriously. After all, just 1 inch of water in your home can cause $25,000 worth of damage — that your home insurance likely won’t cover.

Many people don’t realize that flood insurance is completely different from home insurance, and it is responsible for helping to repair or replace your home and belongings when floods occur.

These are some of the most important flood safety tips you need to remember to prepare and staying safe.

Flood Watch vs Warning

How to Prepare for a Flood

1. Know Whether You Live in a Flood Zone

2. Buy Flood Insurance

3. Evacuate If It’s Mandatory or Necessary

4. Get Supplies to Get You Through Safely

5. Move Valuables to Higher Ground

6. Put Important Documents in a Waterproof Container

7. Clean Your Gutters

What to Do in a Flood

8. Don’t Walk or Drive Through Floodwaters

9. Stay Off Bridges That Go Over Water

10. Go to the Highest Level of Your Home

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