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By Jarrod Heil

¿Qué es la cobertura de pérdida del uso y para qué sirve?

¿Qué haría usted si hoy sobreviniera un desastre inesperado? ¿Conoce los pasos que debe seguir si su casa se torna inhabitable y tiene que buscar un lugar para vivir temporalmente?

Most people never expect to be hit by a disaster, but it happens every day across the country. Many people have no idea what to do if they’re thrust into that kind of situation. Would you be prepared?

Luckily, your homeowners or renters insurance policy with Universal can help make your recovery from disaster a little easier on you — and a lot easier on your bank account — with loss of use coverage.

What Is Loss of Use Coverage?

  • Hotel or rental home that’s an equivalent size as the one you were forced to leave.
  • Food at the grocery store or restaurants, as well as any food that perished during the disaster.
  • Gas due to your commutes and errands being a longer distance than usual.
  • Parking and transportation fees that you wouldn’t have encountered had you been in your home.
  • Pet boarding due to a hotel or home not accepting them or someone having to care for them.
  • Moving costs and temporary storage fees to protect your personal belongings while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

How Much Is Reimbursed with Loss of Use Coverage?

Homeowners Loss of Use Coverage

Renters Loss of Use Coverage

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