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By Jarrod Heil

Lista de verificación para el mantenimiento de primavera: consejos para una temporada exitosa

Después de que la nieve se derrite y el frío se disipa, los cálidos rayos del sol comienzan a levantar la temperatura a su alrededor y le permiten iniciar algunas tareas de mantenimiento del hogar en primavera.

But where do you even start? It may seem like there are a million and one things on your to-do list, and that’s OK. If your list weren’t packed, we’d be worried.

The key to a successful spring home maintenance checklist is knowing everything you should be looking for and what chores to begin with.

We’ve compiled a checklist full of spring home maintenance tips to make the task at hand a little more bearable.

Outdoor Spring Home Maintenance Tips

1. Clear Roof & Clean Gutters

2. Inspect Foundation

3. Reseal Woodwork

4. Survey Hardscaped Material

5. Look for Termites

6. Test Irrigation System

7. Scan Screens

8. Dump Standing Water

9. Paint Exterior

Indoor Spring Home Maintenance Tips

1. Check A/C

2. Examine Water Heater

3. Explore for Leaks

4. Clean Furnace

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