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By Joey Ahern

¿Techo enmohecido? Esto es lo que puede hacer

El techo de su hogar ofrece protección tanto al exterior como al interior de la casa. Es recomendable hacer una inspección manual del techo cada año. También es recomendable que un profesional inspeccione el techo periódicamente en busca de moho, daños ocasionados por las inclemencias del tiempo, deterioro u otros tipos de daño en el techo.

If you live in a humid area or have lots of shade trees, you may have issues with mold growing on your roof. You may be able to see mold stains on your shingles, particularly in heavily shaded areas. Mold stains that have been on your roof for a while will discolor your roof and have a negative impact on your home’s appearance.

Failing to address roof mold may cause your shingles to deteriorate over time. Extensive roof mold may cause mold damage to your attic or crawlspace, where mold spores can easily enter into openings from damaged shingles.

If you have a few small spots or sections of mold on your roof, you may be able to use an eco-friendly mold and algae product to remove it.

If you have more than a little roof mold, it’s time to call in the roofing professionals. Ask about non-bleach solutions that are safe and eco-friendly. If a new roof is in order, a roofing professional can help you keep your new roof clean.

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