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By Jarrod Heil

5 Hurricane Safety Tips to Stay Safe During the Storm

What you do during a hurricane has a tremendous impact on how you and your home safely make it through the lashing winds and torrential rains of each cylindrical rotation a tropical storm system brings.

While we all hope for hurricanes to take a wayward spin back into the sea and wreak their havoc far from the presence of humans, the fact of the matter is that hurricanes are bound to make landfall sooner or later.

How you prepare before, during and after a hurricane can be the difference between life and death and your home making it through the storm scot-free. If you take the following five hurricane safety tips to heart, you’ll have a better chance at seeing both of those positive outcomes come true.

5 Hurricane Safety Tips for What to Do During a Hurricane

1. Stay Inside & Away From Windows

2. Stay in Tune with Local and National Alerts

3. Be Ready to Turn Off Main Energy Sources

4. Use Hurricane Equipment Carefully

5. Beware of Water Coming into Your Home

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